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“ With the end of 2023 we are incredibly proud and grateful to celebrate a momentou milestone in the shipping and port agency business as my family reaches an impressive 75 years of excellence.
Since 1948, when Andreas Romanos, my father and Patriarch of the family, joined the
marvelous world of shipping, we, the ROMANOS family, have made a lasting impact on the
maritime industry, building a reputation for trust, reliability, and personalized service.
Throughout the years, we have embraced industry changes, harnessed innovation, and
consistently surpassed customer expectations.
As we reflect on our family's rich heritage, we extend our deepest gratitude to our valued
clients, partners, and the remarkable individuals who have been part of our journey. It is
through your unwavering support, trust, and collaboration that have propelled us forward,
allowing us to flourish and expand our reach.
Looking ahead, we remain committed to building upon our family legacy. We will continue
to foster innovation, leverage emerging technologies, and adapt to the evolving needs of the
maritime industry. With our collective expertise and steadfast dedication, we are confident
in our ability to navigate the changing tides and chart a course towards new heights of
As we celebrate 75 years of family excellence, we honor the vision, courage, and
entrepreneurial spirit of our ancestors that have guided us throughout. We take great pride
in our achievements and the profound impact our family has made in the port and shipping
agency business. Together, we set sail towards a future where our legacy will continue to
inspire, transform, and shape the maritime industry. “